You're thinking of leading a team- YAY!  And THANK YOU.  By participating in this conversation, you are doing what you do best-- helping young people make informed decisions about their lives, reach their potential, all while learning how to be ethical humans with healthy, thriving relationships.  You are helping them make choices that are in line with their values and have better connections.  You're the best.  For real. 

"I'm a little uncomfortable- am I gonna have to talk about sex with kids in my club or team?"  

Yes, but not much.  And we'll help you.  We get it- these conversations can be hard for many of us.  Maybe you didn't grow up with open conversations about sex, consent, boundaries, or relationships.  We also know that the shame surrounding these conversations didn't serve many of us-- and that the time is right for jumping in now.  Young people are READY and unwilling to wait to have these conversations, and you have incredible influence in their lives.  WE WILL HELP YOU- we will provide resources and support, a phone call the week before the event, and you will participate in an adult workshop on the day of the summit. 


Consent is about much more than sex.  Consent is about permission and communication.  Consent is about asking for what you need, expressing your limits, and respecting the hopes and boundaries of the people you care about.  We all deserve to be in relationships that feel good for everyone involved.  Some of our young people are confused about how to do that-- there is a lot of information out there, and much of it does not support equal, consensual interactions.  You can be the person guiding your teens in the direction of healthy, ethical, fulfilling choices. 

There is one hour-long session where you will guide your group through a conversation, and if that seems too challenging for you, that's fine- we have skilled advocates available to co-facilitate that time with you.  It's just like you tell your students or players all the time- YOU'VE GOT THIS.  

What's gonna happen that day? 

Short answer: There will be snacks! There will be fun!  There will be opportunities to laugh and be silly!  There will be learning and exchange about important topics! 

Long answer:

8:30 - 10:15 am

You will arrive with your team at Syre Event Center at Whatcom Community college by 9am, check in, and get settled.  All will listen to a keynote by the folks from SafeBAE, who starred in the Netflix documentary Audrie and Daisy.  


Each team will attend a workshop on consent. At this time, adults will attend a workshop on consent for adults.  


Lunch will be had: tacos tacos tacos! Resource tables, photo booth, community art project


Q and A time with the SafeBAE folks


Team leaders meet with their individual teams to debrief, reflect, and make an action plan (you will be provided worksheets and a specific format for this)


2-2:30 pm

Reporting out and closing 

What can I do to prepare and to help my high schoolers prepare?


Thanks for asking!  Here are some ideas: 

1.) You could watch the Audrie and Daisy movie on Netflix and have a discussion about it-- the movie is rated TV14 and is a documentary detailing the experiences of 5 teens who were sexually assaulted.  4 of the survivors from this film will be coming to our event and speaking! 

***This movie is a documentary that deals with sexual assault and suicide.  Please make sure that your students and parents are aware that these topics are covered-- there's nothing glorifying or graphic like other content many kids are consuming (things like "13 Reasons Why")-- but these topics are serious and could be triggering, especially for young people who have been impacted by sexual violence or suicide.** 

Click here for a viewing and discussion guide for parents.   

Here are three questions just to get the ball rolling with your students:
1. What did you think of the film?
2. Does this kind of online harassment and/or sexual violence take place at your school?
3. If you or a friend were to experience a sexual assault, or get bullied by classmates, who would you reach out to for help?

2.) You could learn more about how to talk to children and youth about sexual assault.  There are tons of resources on our Videos and Resources page.  

3.) You could learn more about SafeBAE and follow their social media accounts on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.  

"You told me not to freak out but I'm still freaking out and there are 326 questions that I have that were not addressed here."  

That's okay!  Take a deep breath, and then CALL OR EMAIL Liz Stuart at the Commission Against Domestic and Sexual Violence: or 360-312-5700 x. 1243  She is happy to talk, or even come sit down in person with you.  Your role is important and influential, you are appreciated and we want you to feel prepared.  

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